postheadericon Physical Activities

Have a look at some of the activities, initiatives and events we have put in place to promote physical activity.


In January 2016 Walk on Wednesday’s main aim was to involve parents and the wider community in a whole school initiative.

School year 2016 and 2017 we decided to turn Walk on Wednesday in to a buddy system, partnering the younger classes with the older classes. They boys are enjoying exercising as a whole school very social, fun and caring atmosphere.

10 @ 10

The committee leaders moved 10@10 from the classroom to the outdoors so the whole school could exercise together. Early start to 6th class enjoyed this event immensely and are eager to make it a regular experience.



During Active School Week 2016, the boys took part in a Skipathon to raise important funds for Down Syndrome Ireland. Well done to all the boys!

postheadericon St Patrick’s Day W.O.W

postheadericon Art Competition

postheadericon W.O.W

Every Wednesday we go on a whole school morning walk. This year we are partnering the older classes with the younger classes. The boys are all really enjoying the fresh air and the socialising.

postheadericon 10@10

Early Start to 6th Class all took part in our 10@10. Well done everyone.

postheadericon Tug of War

We really enjoyed taking part in a tug of war during Active School Week!

postheadericon Bizzy Breaks

Look at us keeping active during the wet days!

postheadericon 4th Class Sport Selection

postheadericon Skipathon

We raised over €150 for Down Syndrome Ireland. Well done everyone!

postheadericon Boxing

The senior boys really enjoyed their boxing classes with the local coaches.