postheadericon Tug of War

We really enjoyed taking part in a tug of war during Active School Week!

postheadericon Skipathon

We raised over €150 for Down Syndrome Ireland. Well done everyone!

postheadericon Active School Week

Active School Week

The school’s first ‘Active School Week’ in June 2016 was a great success. We invited a Pro golfer into the school to introduce the sport and golf skills to all the boys. We involved the community in our Walk on Wednesday. We timetabled lots of fun and active whole school activities such as, rounders, tug of war, a soccer tournament, GAA activities, orienteering, swimming and a fabulous Sports Day run with Donore Harriers.

Our ‘Active School Week’ for 2017 will run from 12th – 16th of June. Staff and pupils will together plan exciting and fun activities for the whole school to enjoy. We will be promoting active travel during this week and inviting local agencies into the school to run some exciting activities. We are all looking forward to a very active week.

postheadericon Penalty Shoot-out



For Active Week we held a monster penalty shoot-out in our school. Boys in every class, from Early Start up to 6th Class, got a chance to try and score a penalty on Mr. Murphy.  There was great competition in every class, with the winner in each class getting a prize.

postheadericon Golf



We were very lucky to have a PGA golf professional come and visit our school. He spent the day teaching boys from every class how to hold and swing a golf club. At the end of the lesson each class had a chance to practice their putting and chipping, aiming at the different targets placed around the yard.