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Senior Infants

This month, Senior Infants have been working extremely hard. The boys have learned lots of new Irish words and sentences. They are now able to tell Ms. Saunderson what the weather is like every day in Irish.

They have been learning lots of new tricky words and have been writing lots of sentences on their own using these words. Ms Saunderson read the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’ to the boys and they have now written their very own version of the story. These stories are hanging outside the classroom and lots of people have been reading them as they go past!

Senior Infants have been doing their hardest Maths ever this month. They know all about more than, and less than, now and Ms. Saunderson thinks that they will have to move on to 1st class maths soon.

The boys drew portraits of one another and created beautiful paintings that are now on display along the corridor. Senior Infants are so excited for the Easter Bunny coming and are already planning what eggs they are going to get!