postheadericon Primary Schools Indoor Rowing League

The coaches from Dublin City Council Municipal Rowing Centre are currently coaching 4th, 5th and 6th classes in the use of rowing machines, with a view to the school participating in a Primary Schools Rowing League. Gar, Colm and Alan brought six professional rowing machines to the school and instructed the boys in the techniques involved . After warm up and some free practice they had the boys row in unison, a very important aspect of team rowing. Then the highlight of the day was the time trial which got everybody really excited competing against the rest of the class.

For 4th and 5th classes this was their first time and they were timed over 250 metres. The experienced rowers from sixth class, who have been rowing for almost a year now, faced a stiffer challenge and were timed over 500 metres. Overall some very fast times were recorded. The coaches will return next week to select the four fastest rowers to represent the school and the boys are really looking forward to bettering their own times .