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Our Time in Fifth Class

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5th class have worked extremely hard all year. We had many activities such as trips to the swimming pool, weekly visits to the complex, a few secondary school open day visits, the musical in the Kylemore college, the visit from the Sam Maguire and many more.
The boys always put 100% into every activity and this really showed when we took part in the science fair that was held on side two. They researched and gathered information on the importance of blinking and the end result was fantastic! They also took part in an egg drop challenge with Ms. Maher to see which group could design the best protection to prevent the egg from cracking when dropped and they loved it!
The class really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the holidays like Halloween and Christmas and created some amazing artwork for the classroom.
We learned many songs in both English and Irish and performed them at Christmas in front of the other classes and the parents. 5th class done amazing this year and I am sure they are looking forward to getting back to school for many more adventures and activities.

Egg safety 2.PNG.png
Jamie halloween.PNG.png
Chrismtas tree.png
Egg safety 4.PNG.png
Red snowflake.png
Egg safety 1.PNG.png
Science fair.PNG.png
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