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Science Collaboration with St. John's College

In January, Ms. Keane’s 6th class engaged on a new learning experience with St. Johns Secondary School. This collaboration of schools was for the creative cluster programme for Dublin 10. The purpose of this programme was to engage and promote science to primary school children and also to encourage a healthy transition from primary School to secondary School. Every Monday the 6th class boys went to St. Johns for two hours to learn new science experiments taught by the 4 th year students and the science teacher. The 6 th class boys really enjoyed the experience and all agree that it enhanced their love for science and that it will be a subject that they will undertake in secondary school. Have a look below!

IMG_20200203_114958 (1).jpg
IMG_20200127_122618 (1).jpg
IMG_20200127_122557 (1).jpg
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