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Home School Community Liaison

Ms Nessa O Sullivan

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My name is Nessa O’Sullivan and I am the Home School Community Liaison Coordinator in Mary Queen of Angels. The aim of the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Scheme is to promote partnership and cooperation between home, school and the community to make sure that each child participates fully in the school system. 

The HSCL scheme recognises parents as the primary educators of their children and I support parents in this important role. I inform parents of any available supports in the school and the local area. I also organise talks and courses such as baking, first aid, aerobics etc. based on the interests of parents. During the week I am also fortunate to go out on home visits, which is a lovely way to meet and get to know parents! I always feel very welcomed on these visits too. 

My phone number is 0860308574, if you wish to get in contact, and my office is located upstairs in between school 1 & 2. My door is always open, should you need any help, support or would just like a chat! 

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