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Mary Queen of Angels took part in the first ever Primary Schools Indoor Rowing competition on Wednesday 15th of April. The competition was held in the historic and beautiful surroundings of the  Rotunda room in City Hall and was run by the rowing coaches from Islandbridge. Each team consisted of four rowers who were timed over 500 metres on the rowing machines.

The atmosphere was electric as each boy competed against rowers from the other schools. First up was Cian O’Gorman with a time of 2 minutes 20 seconds, followed by Craig Howard with 2.16, Ryan Griffin with 2.10 and Adam Bance with the amazing time of 2.02.  In what was a very competitive and keenly fought out competition the boys were rewarded for their great effort by coming a very close second and were presented with their trophies.

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The boys from 4th,5th and 6th classes were presented with their medals for indoor rowing.

This competition was organized by the Dublin City Council Municipal Rowing Centre in Islandbridge, with an aim of selecting a team to compete in an Inter schools rowing competition. We had two sessions when the coaches brought rowing machines to the school. The boys were instructed on the use of the machines and then timed over 500 metres. The boys really enjoyed the experience and we all hope this becomes an annual event to go with the weekly rowing sessions for 6th class.


4th Class

Gold    Eric Maxwell

Silver   Kian Barry

Bronze Kelvin Kerfort  Ryan Mc Guinness

5th Class

Gold    Sean Russell

Silver Aaron Clarke     

Bronze Jason Plesca    Kian Corbally  

6th Class

Gold    Adam Bance

Silver   Ryan Griffin    Bronze                       

Craig Howard  Adam Muhammad

Adam Bance, Ryan Griffin and Craig Howard will now go on to represent the school in the first Primary Schools Indoor Rowing Competition. This event takes place in the Rotunda Room,  City Hall, Dame Street  on April 15th at 10.00.

We wish the boys the very best of luck and we know they will represent Mary Queen of Angels to the best of their ability.


postheadericon Primary Schools Indoor Rowing League

The coaches from Dublin City Council Municipal Rowing Centre are currently coaching 4th, 5th and 6th classes in the use of rowing machines, with a view to the school participating in a Primary Schools Rowing League. Gar, Colm and Alan brought six professional rowing machines to the school and instructed the boys in the techniques involved . After warm up and some free practice they had the boys row in unison, a very important aspect of team rowing. Then the highlight of the day was the time trial which got everybody really excited competing against the rest of the class.

For 4th and 5th classes this was their first time and they were timed over 250 metres. The experienced rowers from sixth class, who have been rowing for almost a year now, faced a stiffer challenge and were timed over 500 metres. Overall some very fast times were recorded. The coaches will return next week to select the four fastest rowers to represent the school and the boys are really looking forward to bettering their own times .

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postheadericon Photostory!

The boys in 6th class have been working hard creating photostories of the school and the local area. Here’s some of their finished videos!

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6th class Quizlet – The Borrowers

6th class Quizlet – The New Heroes

6th class Quizlet – Comic Book Heroes

6th class Quizlet – Carrie’s War

6th class Quizlet – Danny Champion of the World

6th class Quizlet –The New Girl

6th class Quizlet – A Christmas Carol

6th class Quizlet – Across the Divide

6th class Quizlet – Bush Fire

6th class Quizlet- Fire

6th class Quizlet- I am David

6th class Quizlet –The Hands that built America

6th Class Quizlet- Diaspora


postheadericon Buddy Reading

The 6th Class boys are enjoying their Buddy Reading sessions with Ms. Whelan’s 2nd class. Each Friday the boys from 2nd class read a book  for 20 minutes with the help of the boys in 6th class. The aim of buddy reading is to develop confidence and fluency in a child’s reading. 6th class are enjoying getting to know the boys in 2nd class and help them with their reading!

postheadericon Credit Union Quiz 2014

Well done to the boys from 4th, 5th and 6th class who participated in this year’s annual credit union quiz. 5th Class teams showed their super general knowledge skills with MQA2 taking 1st place in the Quiz and MQA1 securing 2nd place. Well done to all those who took part and thanks to the local Ballyfermot Credit Union and the BLCO for running the quiz.