postheadericon Tour of the school garden

The boys in third class gave their parents a tour of our school garden. The boys have shown a great interest in the garden and with the help of Dan, were able to tell their parents lots of interesting information about the vegetables and fruit growing in the garden. The parents were really impressed with all the work that has been going on in the garden and it was great to see such a good turnout!


postheadericon School Garden

The boys in 3rd class helped plant petunias, begonias, pansies and bizzy lizzies in the school garden.

postheadericon Planting Flowers

The boys in 2nd class planted some lovely flowers into tubs and the flower beds to add a bit of colour to our school garden for the Summer. They also go a tour of the garden and found out about all the different vegetables we have growing this year.


postheadericon Planting cabbages in the School Garden

Dan and the boys have been working hard in the school garden. We planted cabbage seedling plants in March and they are now fully grown. Some of the boys were lucky enough to bring home some cabbage to have for their dinner!




postheadericon Around the Garden

Flower Border









postheadericon Planting Flowers

The boys got to help Dan plant some flowers in the borders and in tubs to add a bit of colour to the garden for the summer!

postheadericon Planting fruit trees in the School Garden

The Early Start classes helped Dan to plant some fruit tree in the school garden. We now have apple trees, pear trees and gooseberries planted. Hopefully we will see some fruit growing in our garden in the near future!


postheadericon Plants in our Garden

postheadericon New Garden Furniture and Borders

The boys in 4th class helped Dan to make borders for our flower beds. Dan has also made some lovely garden benches for the boys to relax on and enjoy the sunshine! The benches and the borders are both made from recycled materials. He used pallets to make the benches and they look amazing!

postheadericon Building the polytunnel

Dan, with the help of Gerry and Fiona from Cherry Orchard community gardens, built a new polytunnel for our school garden. It means that we will be able to grow a lot of different plants next year from seed. Early Start got the first tour of our new polytunnel and were very impressed! Dan has also added extra beds so we can grow more vegetables next year.