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postheadericon 1st and 2nd Class showing their artistic skills!

Here’s some pictures from our Art lesson on Friday. We really loved mixing colours to make a popart landscape painting!


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postheadericon 1st and 2nd Class Halloween Art Day

The boys in Room 1 having a great time making some creepy Halloween decorations with their parents!


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postheadericon Christmas Art in 2nd class

2nd class have been very busy over the past few weeks. We have been preparing for Christmas by learning all about the nativity story. Our Mam and Dads also came in to help us with our Christmas art. We made Christmas stockings and decorations. We have loved learning Christmas songs and want to sing them all day every day.


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The boys of 2nd class are very busy at the moment preparing for their First Holy Confession. They’re learning all about the sacrament of Reconciliation and are working hard at practising their prayers.

It’s been a very busy month for the boys of 2nd and 3rd class. We’ve immersed ourselves in the world of science! The boys were learning some very interesting facts about the heart……..did you know your heart is the size of your fist! The boys also learned how to take each others pulse! We also did a class project on minibeasts. Learning lots of interesting facts about minibeasts and their habitat.

At the moment the boys are enjoying reading their library books each day and then sharing their book reviews with one another! It makes it a lot easier for them to choose a book they enjoy!